Lunch date? Your turn to cook? Late night munchies?
We have it all!

Kitchen open 4-8pm. Lunch and dinner prices are listed below on items for which the price varies in the following format, Lunch Price/Dinner Price. All prices subject to change at any time.

Today's Soup $4.25
Homemade Daily 

French Onion $4.75

House Salad $4.25

Chef Salad $8.95 Lunch / $11.95 Dinner
Mixed greens, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes. Turkey, roast beef, American and Swiss Cheese, hard boiled egg and mushrooms. 

Caesar Salad $4.95

Chicken Caesar Salad $8.95 Lunch / $10.95 Dinner
With tender strips of grilled chicken 

Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad $8.95 Lunch / $11.95 Dinner

Cajun Shrimp Caesar Salad $11.95 Lunch / $15.95 Dinner

Angel Salad
Caesar salad topped with Angel Hair pasta. With chicken $11.95, with salmon $14.95, with shrimp $14.95 

Kitty's Famous Wings $7.95 Lunch / $9.95 Dinner
Buffalo (hot, medium, or mild) barbeque or teriyaki. Served with carrots, celery and blue cheese dressing.

Kitty's Boneless Wings $7.95 Lunch / $9.95 Dinner
Served the same way as our famous wings without the hassle of the bones.

Kitty's Sampler $10.95 Lunch / $12.95 Dinner
Wings, potato skins, chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks.

Paddy's Poppers $5.95 Lunch / $7.95 Dinner
Deep fried breaded jalapeño poppers stuffed with cheddar cheese.

Irish Nachos $5.95 Lunch / $6.95 Dinner
Your choice of cajun or steak fries covered in melted cheddar and mozzarella cheeses topped with scallions and bacon bits.

Baked Clams $7.95 Lunch / $8.95 Dinner
Five homemade tasty bites.

Annie's Spud Scraps $6.25 Lunch / $6.95 Dinner
Three large potato skins covered in melted cheddar cheese and loaded with bacon bits and served with sour cream.

Mario's Cheese Sticks $6.95 Lunch / $7.95 Dinner
Fried mozzarella sticks served with a warmed homemade marinara sauce.

Mussells $7.95 Lunch / $9.95 Dinner
Marinara or Garlic and Oil

Shrooms $7.95 Lunch / $8.95 Dinner
Mushrooms packed with a homemade crabmeat stuffing

Dippin' Shrimp $8.95 Lunch / $10.95 Dinner
Seasoned and breaded shrimp deep fried and served with a spicy homemade dippin' sauce.

Chicken Quesadilla $7.95 Lunch / $9.95 Dinner
Grilled flour tortilla stuffed with cheese, chicken and grilled vegetables, served with guacamole and sour cream.

Garlic Bread $2.75 Lunch / $3.50 Dinner
with cheese $3.25 Lunch / $4.50 Dinner

Jackie's Tenders $7.95 Lunch / $8.95 Dinner
Four pieces of tender, breaded chicken breast fried golden brown. 

Beef Stew $10.95 Lunch / $14.95 Dinner
Chunks of tender steak, cooked with herbs and spices, carrots, peas, onions and celery in a rich brown gravy served over boiled potatoes.

Shepherds Pie $10.95 Lunch / $14.95 Dinner
Chopped beef, peas, carrots, baked beans and small strips of bacon in our own secret spice gravy topped with mashed potato. 

Irish Bangers and Mash $10.95 Lunch / $14.95 Dinner
Four Galtee Irish Sausages served with mashed potato, bachelors beans and a side of gravy.

Fish n Chips $10.95 Lunch / $14.95 Dinner
Deep fried, beer battered cod served with french fries. 

Includes soup or salad and choice of potato or rice and vegetables.

Our Favorite Chicken $11.95 Lunch / $15.95 Dinner
Breast of chicken with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese in a light sherry sauce.

Flat Iron Steak $14.95 Lunch / $17.95 Dinner
An 8oz beauty.

New York Cut $18.95 Lunch / $21.95 Dinner
A 14oz center cut sirloin.

Big Stuf Sole $13.95 Lunch / $16.95 Dinner
Fresh sole filled with our homemade crabmeat stuffing and baked just right.

Sole Francais $13.95 Lunch / $16.95 Dinner
Sole sauteed in white wine and lemon butter sauce.

Gaelic Chicken $11.95 Lunch / $15.95 Dinner
Sauteed breast of chicken in a light Irish Whiskey cream sauce. 

City Chicken $11.95 Lunch / $15.95 Dinner
Breast of chicken topped with asparagus and mozzarella in a Medeira sauce.

Frenchie's Chicken $11.95 Lunch / $15.95 Dinner
Breast of chicken sauteed in white wine and lemon butter sauce.

Oriental Stir Fry $11.95 Lunch / $15.95 Dinner
Chicken mixed with vegetables in a Teriyaki sauce.

Dublin Broil $13.95 Lunch / $16.95 Dinner
A hearty helping of London Broil served in a Guinness gravy.

Salmon ala Pesto $14.95 Lunch / $17.95 Dinner
Broiled, marinated filet on a bed of rice with a chardonnay pesto sauce.

Salmon Knowledge $14.95 Lunch / $17.95 Dinner
A 10oz filet marinated in seasoned herbs and served with a mushroom and Irish Whiskey sauce. 

All burgers and sandwiches are served with french fries, cajun fries, onion rings or a side salad.

Design Your Own Burger $8.95 Lunch / $10.95 Dinner
A half pound of Black Angus beef with lettuce and tomato and a choice of any three toppings.

Big Belly Buster $8.50 Lunch / $10.95 Dinner
Fresh ground sirloin burger seasoned with spices, topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheeses and served with our special sauce.

Turkey Burger $7.95 Lunch / $9.95 Dinner

Veggie Burger $7.95 Lunch / $9.95 Dinner

That's a Wrap Folks $8.95 Lunch / $11.95 Dinner
- Grilled Chicken or Steak with onions, peppers and cheese
- Grilled Combo with onions, peppers and cheese
- Grilled Veggies with choice of cheese
- Cajun Chicken with lettuce, tomato and cheese
- Chicken Caesar with romaine lettuce and caesar dressing
- BLT bacon, lettuce ad tomato with mayo
- Chicken Club with lettuce, tomato, bacon and mayo
- Corned Beef with hot pepperjack cheese and mustard
- Paul's Wrap - a club wrap made with chicken tenders

Philly Cheese Steak $8.95 Lunch / $10.95 Dinner
in steak strips sauteed with red and green peppers, onions, topped with melted mozzarella served on a hero. 

Steak Tidbits $9.95 Lunch / $13.95 Dinner
Tender strips of London Broil smothered in melted mozzarella cheese served on a toasted garlic hero and cut bite sized.

Chicken Tidbits $8.95 Lunch / $11.95 Dinner
Grilled chicken smothered in melted mozzarella cheese, served on a toasted garlic hero and cut into finger bites.

Buffalo Chicken $8.95 Lunch / $11.95 Dinner
A tender grilled chicken cutlet marinated in Louisiana Hot sauce with bleu cheese dressing and melted mozzarella cheese served on a garlic hero.

Chicken Parm Sandwich $8.95 Lunch / $11.95 Dinner
Chicken breast topped with melted mozzarella and parmesan served on a hero.

Our Favorite Chicken Sandwich $8.95 Lunch / $11.95 Dinner
Chicken breast topped with prosciutto, melted mozzarella in a light sherry sauce with a side of coleslaw on a hero.

Reuben Sandwich $8.95 Lunch / $11.95 Dinner
Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on toasted rye bread.

Skinny Chicken $7.95 Lunch / $9.95 Dinner
Plain grilled chicken on a bun.

Pirates Paradise $7.95 Lunch / $10.95 Dinner
A deep fried, beer battered filet of cod served on a garlic hero with lettuce, tomato, melted cheddar and tartar sauce.

Mad Munchie Sandwich $8.95 Lunch / $11.95 Dinner
Cajun breast of chicken, sliced tomato and melted mozzarella cheese with ranch dressing on a garlic hero. 

Penne Ala Vodka $9.95 Lunch / $12.95 Dinner
Penne tossed in a pink vodka cream sauce with small chunks of tomato. Add chicken $3, shrimp $5.

Pesto Salmon $13.95 Lunch / $16.95 Dinner
Salmon tossed in a light pesto sauce with broccoli served over linguini. 

Chicken Carbonara $12.95 Lunch / $15.95 Dinner
Chicken sautéed with bacon and peas in a creamy Alfredo sauce served over penne. 

Heart Smart Penne $12.95 Lunch / $15.95 Dinner
Fresh julienne vegetables tossed in a chicken stock sauce with grilled chicken.

Lobster Ravioli $12.95 Lunch / $16.95 Dinner
Served in a light pink sauce. 

Up to age 12. Includes a complimentary soda, juice, or milk. Served with a choice of french fries, cajun fries or onion rings and includes a scoop of ice cream for dessert.

Hamburger $7.95 Lunch / $8.95 Dinner

Cheeseburger $7.95 Lunch / $8.95 Dinner

Chicken Tenders $7.95 Lunch / $8.95 Dinner

Mozzarella Sticks $6.95 Lunch / $7.95 Dinner

Grilled Cheese Sandwich $6.95 Lunch / $7.95 Dinner

Small Bowl of Pasta $6.95 Lunch / $7.95 Dinner

Coffee or Tea $2.00

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite $2.00

Seltzer, Tonic Water $2.00

Cranberry or Orange Juice $2.00

Milk, Chocolate Milk $2.00
Free Refills 

Irish Coffee $6.00

Mexican Coffee $6.00

Bailey's Coffee $6.00

Chocolate Cake and Cheesecake  $4.75 with ice cream $5.95

Ice Cream $3.00